May 26, 2006

Dream Catching: Double Up

To achieve your dream you absolutely cannot try to pursue it alone need someone to help you through the times when you feel resistance creeping up on you or when you just need someone talk to.

This person can be a family member; friend neighbor-it could be anyone who supports your goal. This person will become extremely important because they will keep you on track and focused on the tasks ahead. They can give you an extra push of encouragement or just about anything. It can even be a person who is putting up resistance to your goal.

You can actually get someone who opposes your goal to eventually support it. Here’s how, you need to allow them the right to not support it at first. When you walk into the room and announce your goal and if someone says, “Why would you want to do that?” Which in turn follows with you responding, “well, what do you mean why would I want to do that.” Eventually it ends up with you feeling defeated and giving up. Instead of giving up, let them know you understand how they feel.

Your shaking up their world and turning things around, suddenly things are changing; you’re changing. Change is uncertain and many people fear it. Just respond by giving whoever it is the right not to like the dream, to hate it, to throw a fit or be mad because you quit your job or are going against your parent’s wishes of you becoming a doctor. Go ahead and make the changes and follow your plan of action. You will work up certain energy as you go about your goal or dream.

You will give off a certain energy that will make people curious and inspired about your dream. The best gift you can give someone is the gift of giving off positive energy that reinforces relationships-directly or indirectly. Sooner or later when they see how committed and optimistic you are they will eventually support whatever goal makes you happy.

You can even find someone with the same dream and use each other as support anchors. Whether you get the support of people who have a common goal or a family member you can’t pursue your goal alone, you will need a support base sooner or later.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the conclusion to Dream Catching