May 27, 2006

Dream Catching Conclusion

So you have seen you actually can take control of your life and accomplish your dreams-no matter what they are. Just to recap the major things you need to work toward that dream:

1. Brainstorming session
2. A plan of action
3. A goal calendar charting when you expect to reach it
4. A list of first steps
5. What you’re going to do tomorrow
6. Networks
7. A support base

If you still think you can’t accomplish your dream don’t give up on the dream, just fit aspect of your dream into your daily life and “see what happens” as Barbara says. If your wondering if you’ll be any good enough at doing the items on your list or calling a contact just do it and you will see. The key to remember is your not suppose to be an expert at what your about to do you are just starting out. You are more than allowed to make mistakes without punishment from yourself or others. Do it right or do it wrong, just do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

It’s one thing to read words on a page, which tell you to do something it’s entirely different to follow through with them and actually change words into action. You’re are the only one who can accomplish your dreams and no one else can stop you from accomplishing them or accomplish them for you. Everyday you make a decision to live your life, but some people don’t know they can make the decision to live their lives the way they want to not the way anyone else wants them to. You are born with the power and capabilities to do change your life and catch your dream.

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We’ll be back with more next time.