June 30, 2008

They Don't Teach Corporate in College: A 20 Something's Guide to Breaking into the Corporate World

I ran across a helpful book for college students and recent graduates who are looking to intern or work at a company, They Don't Teach Corporate in College. Author Alexandra Levit describes her book,

"Based on a mix of interviews, research and the author's personal journey, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College’s upbeat advice focuses on tangible tactics that recent college grads and experienced twenty-somethings can put to work immediately to grow their careers and increase their job satisfaction now and in the future."

I also ran across a great article in USA Today about age discrimination affecting younger workers and a survey that reports assumptions about Gen Y'ers are flawed.

From my personal experience Gen Y is held back from getting jobs because of the lack of experience perceived by their age and also media stereotypes. This is especially true for Millennial's (18-24 year old's). I should also say it matters what job position Geny Y is applying for, they will have a hard time breaking into a managerial job in the corporate world. In many professions experience is a one key to landing the job but it's not everything. Also see, 6 Ways to Gain Respect Despite Your Age.

More next time.