April 26, 2007

Applying The Secret: Money Part 4

Today we will wrap up our series Applying The Secret, finally. It has been a long time coming :)

Today we'll tackle the fourth myth: Money doesn't make you happy or all rich people are unhappy.

Now this myth is actually a half truth. Money helps make you happy, but in the end you make you happy. Money is just a vehicle or tool to getting the things which make you happy in life. Whatever makes you happy whether it's spending more time with your kids, or getting more time to relax, travel whatever makes you happy money can give present you the opportunity to gain more of it, but remember you have to make yourself happy.

Here's where the law of attraction applies to this myth. When you say "money doesn't make you happy", your sending a signal out to the universe and at the same time giving that thought energy (in this case negative energy) which internalizes conflicting feelings about money which than will prevent you from reaching you desired financial goals. Thoughts lead to feelings which actions (in this case no action) which lead to results. Negative energy will yield no results and just more negative energy.

People who amass a large fortune have the gift of time given to them. They are free from trading their time to make money. When they have all this time they then need to think what really makes them happy in life? Money just presents the gift of time and expands your life options. It's what you do with your life that makes you happy.

Now I want to make it clear that while material wealth doesn't make you permanently happy it is still important. Everyone deserves to have what they perceive to be nice things to better their standard of living. Whether it's buying latest Mercedes or Bentley sedan and a having sprawling mansion in Greenwich, CT and a summer home in the Hampton's. Or whether it's owning the latest Toyota or Chevrolet sedan and just having a modest single family home in the town you grew up in these extra material perks which more money allows us to buy are important in our lives as rewards. And while some people have a multi million dollar mindset others just have a mindset of supplementing their income.

That's fine, that's what's so great about the freedom money gives you not everyone wants the same thing. Not everyone has the same taste. Everyone wants different material kinds of houses, cars, furniture...

Secondly, some people think because rich people have more wealth than others and because money is only a tool to happiness they must be more unhappy than anyone else. That line of thinking has an underlying belief of rich people think dollar bill are instant tickets to happiness. That kind of thinking is based on conventional wisdom. The rich are no more unhappy or happy than any other class. You need to base someone's level of happiness not on their net worth but on an individual basis.

What this also does is it sets you up for financial disaster if you suddenly come into possession of more money than your used to having. A belief may pop into your head such as "all this money will make me unhappy" and you may even find ways subconsciously to get rid of it. Go through your beliefs and work through where they came from and why you have them.

Remember, what you believe you will achieve and thoughts lead to feelings which lead to action which leads to results. Money is an important tool to give you the time to do and have the things that make you happy.