November 13, 2006

The Law of Attraction

I'm sure some of my reader's are a bit confused by The Law of Attraction and other universal laws. It is really quite simple and logical and believe it or not can be explained by Quantum Physics.


I know that word conjures up memories of high school sitting in physics class where your teacher is lecturing on and on about something you barely understand. Thankfully we won't have a lecture on Quantum Physics; I'll leave that up to Stephen Hawking.

Put simply, the Law of Attraction states like attracts like. You've probably had some exposure to this law, when people refer to the Law of Attraction at work in someone's love life. The notion of people attracting other people may seem "out there" to some, but it is very simple and logical.

Think about your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner... These people are most likely similar to you in personality characteristics, tastes, beliefs etc... They are like minded. You attract people like you. That's only logical.

Here's where it starts getting complicated. These people are attracted to your energy or vibes you give out. If you are giving off negative vibes or energy you attract other people with negative energy and at the same time you repeal people with positive energy.

If you are someone with a positive personality would you stick around someone with depression? You might try to cheer them up, but if that fails your most likely to get away from them. They drain you of your energy if you stick around them very long. It all has to do with energy. We are giving it off all the time whether we realize it or not. If you took a Thermo Dynamic camera and took a picture of yourself you would see you are giving off energy in the form of heat. You are also giving off energy in the form of what you feel.

One of the laws of Physics is "everything is energy". The first time I learned this back in middle school I was surprised; I couldn't conceive solid objects were made of atoms, which gave off energy at varying frequencies. The physical world around us appears solid, it feels solid but it is actually made up of tiny vibrating atoms.

Since everything is energy, you are not only attracted to people and they to you, but you are also attracted to objects. These objects are attracted to you also since they are made of energy because they are giving off varying frequencies. If you get your frequencies to match with the frequencies of the things you want you and whatever you desire start to attract each other.

And if you realize this you can start to reshape the world you live in and change your life by attracting money, houses, cars, boats, planes, anything and everything you can think of. It's all energy. And it all starts with putting the Law of Attraction into action through your thoughts and feelings.

We'll have more on that next time.