May 20, 2006

Dream Catching: Part II

As stated in Part I , you must do what you want and live where you want; this is essential for living your best life and it is the law to a life of fulfillment. But how do you even start to begin to do either of those things if you don't know where to start? They are both daunting tasks in and of themselves.

It’s not as daunting as you think it is if you break down the stereotypes attached with being successful. You may imagine the typical things attached to being successful, a life of luxury. Those are things attached to success and indicators of success. We want to go deeper into your perception of success and living your best life.

Here’s a poignant question, if you were to live today as if it were your last would you love what you’re doing that day? If you begin to ask yourself this question for a few weeks and you answer “no” most of the time, something needs to change very soon.

Each person needs to live their best life for that very reason and you know you’re not going to leave this earth without living a life you love. You can start tomorrow by doing something small and simple that will get you on the road. But how do you get on the road? Where’s the on ramp?

You can find that road by imagining your best life and what a typical day would look like. It’s very probable you could be thinking of mansions and millionaires. As stated before, even though those things are attached to success, they aren‘t your own individual dream- they are the results of your dream. Do what you love and the money will flow. You can be very wealthy and do what you love also. If your dream involves you driving a Ferrari and living in an estate you are entitled to that have that future Ferrari and that estate. But for now, go deeper than the end result by doing the following.

Ask yourself these questions: What did you love to do when you were young? What fascinated you? Do you still love it now?

If your original self has been left behind in the past, congratulations! You have just reconnected with it.

Though, now your thinking, “well, what does my ‘original self’ have to do with living my best life?”

Your original self has to do with applying what you loved as a kid (and still do) and applying it to your life now. How can people start doing that? They need to create an environment that nurtures what they love do.

More on that next.

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