May 09, 2006

Start an E-Business Without a Website

Continuing along with the online portion of our series Make Money Work for You

The only way to make money online in the old days was with your own website, which entailed finding a reasonable hosting company and hunting for a domain name that wasn't taken. Then, there were other issues to be faced once you got over those hurtles such as web design and web promotion.

Thing's have changed thankfully. Today people are making money online without having to chase a domain down and are doing it for no money or very little money.

If you are just getting started with your e-business here are a couple of options worth looking into:

Start an ebay business

Start Your own Blog

Create Your Own Website with Google Page Creator

You can find more information about staring your e-business at

It should be noted if you are serious about earning income from online business you need to have your own website. Even though some people are earning a full time living through free websites, it is advised to grow your business into it's own website.

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