February 04, 2007

Applying The Secret: Money Part 3

Today we'll take on money myth number 3. The only way to make a lot of money is by selling drugs, gambling or doing other illegal things.

Not everyone who has amassed a substantial amount of money has amassed it by doing something illegal. The truth is money can be made any number of ways. All it takes is one idea and inspired action. You can write a book on your passion or create a best selling album, or do anything else that can make money legally.

Instead of focusing on all the unethical and illegal ways some wealthy people made their money you need to focus on what service can you offer that will make the kind of money you want?

Until focus you on that question you won't begin to move forward and will not have a plan of action to follow. Remember what you focus on increases. If you focus on the negative you will get more of the negative. If you focus on the positive (moving forward toward accomplishing your financial goals) you will get more of the positive.

You should follow your passion and strength. Passion is one of the keys to happiness, health (mental) and wealth. Follow your passion and strength and turn it into a business. Everyone one of us has something of value to offer. Don't take yourself or what you know for granted, you can do more than you realize.

What also happens when you use your natural strength and follow your passion is your creative energy turns the "work" into play. Work does not feel like work when you follow you do what you love. Time fly's by, you have fun, you help people and get paid to do so.

The positive energy released from doing what you love pulls you and your dream closer together, it aligns you with what you want.

When you do this you are on your way to success and that is the ultimate goal. Follow your passion and succeed.

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