February 13, 2007

The Dream

I normally don't write about my dreams but I had one recently that was worth writing about and is relevant to the content of this blog.

Plus it's good to write down dreams which are related to your goals in life because you not only send a signal out to the universe in the form of thoughts and feelings from your dream but you also add energy to attracting the dream by stating your intention to the universe in writing. What you focus on expands.

Back to the dream. I had a dream this week that was exactly on the level of my goals in terms of lifestyle and financial capabilities.

In my dream I lived in a neighborhood with big, old, beautiful mansions lining the streets. (A bit like the neighborhood I live in now.) All the cars on the streets were Rolls Royce's and Mercedes'.

The house I lived in was fabulous. A big white colonial mansion that had a gourmet kitchen and a great dining room with a sprawling polished table. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the other rooms looked like.

Now, I'm grateful for the great house I currently live in but this house in my dream was just a step above. It was my dream house.

When I woke up I drew what I could remember of the floor plan on a sheet of paper to make sure I didn't forget the layout.

As I did this I wondered, can dreams be as powerful or even more powerful than normal visualization?

Of course!

Many of my dreams are very vivid and realistic, much beyond the realism in visualization. The images in my dreams are crystal clear. I can hear, smell, feel and almost even taste food if I'm eating in a dream.

Dreams are a very powerful method to attract what you want because they seem like reality at the very moment you're having them. In fact, when I woke up from my wonderful dream I opened my eyes and saw my bedroom and wondered, "whose house is this and how did I get here?"

That's how real dreams can be.

When I do normal visualization I close my eyes, visualize already having whatever it is I desire and feel the good feelings of having it now. That attracts it to me.

Though, in the back of my mind I know it's just me visualizing already having it which pushes what I want away it away just a bit.

In dreams the subconscious mind seems to take over when you fall into a deep sleep, usually this happens during periods of REM sleep (rapid eye movement). The dreams you have during REM sleep are the most realistic and vivid. It's almost like virtual reality if not exactly like it.

The thoughts and feelings we have work their way into the subconscious mind and show up in our dreams in one form or another. When we have dreams about the things we want and dream we already have them we are 100% convinced that it is our reality because we don't realize we're in a state of REM sleep.

We don't have conflicting thoughts such as knowing it is a dream or anything else to distract our attention away from the dream. Which attracts what we want without resistance from our conscious mind. It even seems to attract what you desire faster.

Drawing up the floor plan for my house on paper was just the beginning of the process of manifestation. There's been an internal push to make it happen and I'm already coming up with ways to make it happen and acting on them. My drive has always been strong to achieve my goals but it just went up a bit.

I find this exciting because once this happens one can start to experiment with lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming seems fascinating because we only know so much of what goes on up in our most powerful and energetic organ.

Once we harness the subconscious power to achieve our desired goal we can program ourselves to achieve it. Maybe the way to manifest the things we want from life will even come to us in a dream and you will take inspired action on it. Who knows, anything is possible with the law of attraction and process of manifestation.

To sweet dreams,

We'll have more next time.

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