June 13, 2007

Plenty of Fish

Apologies to those who have been keeping up with this blog. I took an unexpected vacation for about a month. Work was very busy in May and lots of action was being taken. So now I'm back today with a post about love.

Yes, you read that right, love. The Secret and the Law of Attraction apply to every aspect of your life.

Now, I'm not Doctor Ruth or the CEO of match.com but I know a thing or two about that emotion and the unexplainable feeling we get in our heart when we see someone who gives off that certain "vibe".

And that is one of the principles of love, giving off energy. Your energy attracts other potential mates to you who are like you. Like attracts like.

Though, this energy can be given off in other ways to, in terms of negative energy. When you see someone who is very beautiful or handsome walk into your life and you are single you may think that man or woman is completely out of your league.

Get rid of that thought right now. Your love life depends on your outlook on love. You can have anyone you desire as long as you change your thinking.

That negative thought gives off negative energy or "vibes." This shows through in your facial expression and especially you eyes, it could manifest itself in a sudden slumping of your body posture or some other off putting body language. You can read someone just by glancing into their eyes and what is being interpreted to the reader when you have this thought is you have low self-confidence.

That's not the kind of image you want to present to potential mates who may be looking at you or watching you with interest when you aren't aware they are doing so. Or may look your way if you build up the courage to go and talk to them.

Also, you may be thinking "nobody is interested in me" if you're having an especially hard time finding a mate. The thought I wonder if "I'll ever experience the joys of love" may even creep into your mind during a lonely moment by yourself or when you see a loving couple.

of course you'll experience love.

There is someone for everyone on this planet. There's plenty of fish in the sea (hence the title). It doesn't matter what your weight is, intelligence level, or even sexual orientation. There's someone for everyone.

So don't be so hard on yourself. Love will come. You can even find it online. Maybe not today or the next but it will come. Whatever you think you will manifest in your world and gives off energy because as the process of manifestation goes thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions which lead to results.

So live life and enjoy it. When you enjoy life you start to attract others who do also. There's plenty of fish in the sea and sooner or later you'll catch one. Or they'll catch you.

More insight next time.

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