May 30, 2006

Clean Your House Without all the Grunt Work.

Believe it or not some people still haven't gotten around to Spring cleaning and getting their house ready for Summer. It's better do the cleaning now rather than be stuck inside in July while everyone else is out having their Summer fun.

Shaking out the rugs and dusting off your furniture aren’t the most exciting things to be do when the weather is starting to get nice but here’s a few tips to get the job done once and for all.

-Put everything in a bucket that you’ll need such as dusting rags, furniture polish, all purpose glass cleaner, paper towels, etc…

-Tabletop items such as books, pictures, and other decorative items should be cleared from a surface before dusting. If you find many items crowded on one surface you’ll want to display them around the room or put them in other rooms throughout your home.

-Dust off your furniture first before vacuuming. Wiping dust onto your clean floors will only make the task longer.

-Open the windows to allow the fresh air in and cleaning fumes/dust out.

-Get rid of everything and anything you don’t use any longer. Sell all these things either on ebay or in a yard sale. Throw away items, which aren’t “sales worthy”, just be careful one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. If you come across anything you think may be a valuable, set it aside and get it appraised/ research asap. You never know until you find out.

-Clear away clutter. Clutter seems to attract the most dust, once you go through them you will have made future cleaning tasks easier because there is less dust in the house. It is also important to minimize dust as much as possible for asthma suffers.

-If you hate cleaning and find yourself grumbling put on your favorite radio station or play some music to get back in the swing of things.

You can find a litany of information about cleaning as well as a cleaning checklist at

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