May 24, 2006

Dream Catching: Paving the Way to Your Dreams

You need to have a definitive plan to reach your goal. It is essential to know what your doing and how your going to do it. How you catch your dream is by using the resource of your mind and the people around you. But before doing that you need to solve the problems you listed a while ago.

I’ve mentioned that you can solve almost any problem-including money problems money problems and how you can solve those problems is by using your head and collaborating with the people you know.

It’s called brainstorming and barn-raising in Wishcraft. Coming up with ideas on your own until you can’t think of anything else and then getting other people to help give you ideas of how to reach your dream.

We’ll begin first with brainstorming on your own. Take the list of problems you wrote down or if your just joining us take out a sheet of paper or open a word document and write down all the problems that stand in your way.

Once you’re done, go down the list and start solving those problems any way you can. Feel free to write down absurd or crazy answers such as "marry a millionaire" to solve money problems or "hitchhiking to New York" if your dream is to live in the Big Apple. No idea should be disregarded.

When you’ve finally gone down your entire list of problems and have written your solutions start to list the pros and cons of each solution. This will automatically get rid of the solutions which would be too crazy to act on, such as doing something illegal or putting yourself in any kind of danger or jeopardy.

Once you think you have brainstormed all you can and you think you’re out of ideas, you are not. You need to gather the ideas of other people in a group brainstorming session.

We’ll back with that next time.

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