May 23, 2006

Dream Catching: The Pursuit of Happiness

As stated in the previous post once someone gets over the road block of actually pursuing their dream they need to plan ahead and make goals.

One of the most important parts of getting your dream of is by establishing goals for yourself. You need to know what you want and how to get what you want in a manageable manner, so that you are actually able to start pursuing that dream tomorrow.

Your dream whether it is big or small is are easily attainable if you set goals for yourself and stick to a structure or even set up some guidelines for yourself. Barbara Sher has some to simple but essential rules to follow for setting goal's:

Rule #1: A goal is concrete

Rule#2: When you say "this is what I want" your not fooling around. This is what you really want or always wanted.

You must stick to your target deadline of a goal. A target deadline will depend on the specific goal. If your dream is grand and big the target deadline will be in the future. Though, you don't want to set the final deadline too far in the future or else you might slip into a cycle of laziness; reminding yourself you have "plenty of time" to work toward the goal.

A deadline of a year or two gets you into action within a few weeks if your dream is big because you think you only have a year or two to achieve your dream. Stick to the goal and set up a structure of how to obtain the final goal through smaller goals. You want to work toward a dream in a manageable way, a manner where you can do something tomorrow (more on that next).

You also want to make sure what you decided is really what you want or if your dream is really what you've always wanted. You don't want to work hard toward something and find out it is not something you want or is not what you expected. One good way stated in Wishcraft to test if your dream is really something temporary is to ask yourself would you rather dream about doing it or you'd you be happy actually doing it?

Another method mentioned is to imagine yourself in the future after you have accomplished your dream. In other words, dream of the future in first person. Do you love it? Can you imagine yourself doing it for years?

No dream or goal is written in stone so, if you think you have uncovered a false dream (something you think you should want but know it isn‘t your true dream), you can always search for a new one using methods discussed in the post regarding your
original self.

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