May 28, 2006

Protect Your Identity

Just a quick update today with some news you can use.

As the worlds advances more with technology and transitions get easier, the ability for criminals to gain access to other people’s financial information. Criminals want your money- no matter how much you have. has some simple yet important tips to help protect yourself from identity theft and fraud. Here are a few tips the suggest:

-Don't give your Social Security number over the phone unless it is absolutely necessary.

-If you have a roadside mailbox empty your mailbox as soon as possible after the mail is delivered. And don't leave letters with personal information in the box for pickup by the mail carrier; drop them in at the post office or in a U.S.

-If your throwing away old financial records tear them up as much as possible or even buy a paper shredder and use it when you're disposing of records such as tax returns, or unwanted credit card offers.

-Never leave printed receipts behind at the bank, ATM machines or gas stations.

-Never give out credit card, social security numbers or other personal information on a Web site that isn't secure (A secure website will have a web address starting with https:// and a yellow navigation bar)

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