July 23, 2007

Does the Law of Attraction Take Action?

After another month long disappearing act I'm back with a question. Does attraction take action?


Even though each situation and circumstance is dependent on how much action you need to take you need to set the wheel of the law of attraction into action first.

There are times when you don't need to take much action at all. You will be out going about you're errands or enjoying a day out and you run into someone you've been thinking about over the past couple of days who you haven't seen in a long time or something good will happen completely unexpected that you weren't expecting.

Though, looking at those events from a realistic standpoint none of that would have happened at all if you had not gotten out of bed that morning or didn't leave the house that day. You needed to do something to set the wheels of attraction into action and manifest the things you want. In this case it was the simple action of stepping out of the front door.

Those are the rare exceptions to the law of attraction when not much action is needed. Most times some level of moderate action will have to be taken on your part so you can manifest what it is that you want.

Someone in debt can sit in their home and visualize themselves being richer all day long, but if they aren't taking any action or any realistic steps to actually make themselves richer they will be broke and visualizing themselves richer on the curb as the repo-man loads their belongings into the truck.

An armored truck isn't going to show up in front of their house and deliver gold bricks to them.

Visualization is step of action itself but it is only mental preparation for getting what you desire.

You need to take action on what you desire or want from life. Once you take action you are showing the universe that you are ready to get or have what you want. When you take action resources begin to manifest, people come together, opportunities arise; you are a step closer to your goal than if you didn't take any action t all.

When you work towards getting what it is that you want the universe works with you to help you get what you want. You have set the wheels of attraction into action.

But you still have to act on opportunities, no one can take those opportunities for you but you. They may be able to take them away from you but you are the only one who can act on them.

I'm not aware of your current situation but here are some action steps for different scenarios of goals.

If you desire a better love life, get out and meet people. Just go places you normally like to go to. Like minded people are at these places too. In fact, you may have overlooked someone.

If you desire to have more money invest in stocks, save your money, get a better paying job, or start a business. If you're feeling really bold find get a mentor who has attained the financial level you want and learn from them how to reach your goal.

If you desire to get better health start a diet plan, get a membership to a gym, or simply eat healthier.

What's interesting is when you take action on what you desire or your main goal the attraction of action has a cross effect on your other goals. For example, joining a gym to get in shape can not only cause you loose weight but also cause you to meet someone and this person may even be able to assist you with your financial goals.

Its amazing what happens when we take action on the things we want. All sorts of things happen and manifestation is set into motion.

So get going and take action on what you want.

More next time.

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