August 21, 2007

Can a Negative Attitude Reduce Your Lifespan?

Today I'm finally back with an important message about how your outlook on life can affect your lifespan and how having supportive friends or people in your life can prolong your lifespan.

It's no secret that stress is bad for you, but scientific studies show too much stress may reduce your lifespan. Stress can lead to all sorts of unpleasant medical conditions ranging from sleeping disorders to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, strokes, and even diabetes.

But what causes stress? It can be a whole range of factors. It mainly comes from the way you handle situations in your life. The health problems are a result of stress but what is important is what is causing stress? It all starts with an attitude a mindset you've gathered or formed over time. You can have an negative attitude or you can have a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is an an attitude or a set of beliefs that you are in control of your life and taking proactive steps to do. be, have whatever you desire from life. A negative attitude comes from believing others are in control of you and doing nothing to try to change your life. Negative attitudes can lead to depression (chronic or acute), and even social isolation or lack of healthy social contact due to lack of empathy and understanding. (I'll get to lack of social contact in a minute.)

There are studies shown that depression, chronic feeling of sadness and long periods of grieving release enzymes released which can break down your cells. One new study says that depression can kill you.

People can change their attitude about life gradually overtime. Sometimes it happens much sooner than you expect. You find you have a secret admirer who you actually want admiring you. You land a job you haven't heard from in two weeks. Just when you think everyone is out for themselves a stranger offers you a random act of kindness to you. It's amazing how even the smallest things can change someone outlook.

Having supportive friends, not just acquaintances, but genuine friends can increase your lifespan. Humans are naturally social animals.

Australian researchers found in a 2005 study that people with close friends live longer than those who don't any close friends.

A positive outlook on life will make you healthier mentally and physically and is very important to prolonging your lifespan but having close friends is also part of the equation of keep yourself healthy and happy.

So don't be negative all the time, it's alright to release frustrations and let off a little steam once in a while but a negative attitude about the world and yourself can literally shed years off of your lifespan. Living in isolation and without any close friends is also unhealthy. If you have problems making friends or are too shy to open up do a little internal investigations to think about why you are shy or have problems making close freinds. Live your life the best you possibly can.

We'll have more next time.

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